Get it write right.


Don't let grammar, spelling and punctuation errors damage your credibility. We thoroughly check your document, ensuring that all errors have been found and corrected (including those that computer grammar and spell checkers won't pick up).


We track all suggested changes. We can also guide you with how to control what you see and do in tracked changes.



Sometimes, your document needs more than just a proofread for errors. Its overall structure, clarity and style might need to be improved in order to communicate effectively with the intended audience. We are experts in spotting and fixing potential problems, such as ambiguity or vagueness, which might confuse, distract or annoy the reader.


We are also very familiar with adhering to organisational and government writing and style guidelines, and can suggest guidelines that your organisation could follow if need be.


A great editor

Thoughts from our Director Louise on what makes a great editor:


"A 'very good' editor should, without a doubt, know the difference between 'principal' and 'principle', passive and active voice, and when to use 'effect' or 'affect' and 'practice' or 'practise'. They should know when to use 'it's' and when to use 'its'. They probably even know the difference between a hyphen, an en-dash and an em-dash, and rejoice when they see these being used correctly... A great editor, however..."

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Fees will vary depending on numerous factors particular to any given job. Please contact us for a tailored quotation.



Our clients have included:

Acciona EnergyAcciona infrastructureKubotaMelbourne WaterNCS InternationalSomfyVeriSign  WISE employment

"My experience with Red English has been a positive one.  I have found the company to be very professional and organised. Elisha, Melbourne"
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