Our story

What we know about language acquisition—or why we say we walk the walk and talk the talk!

We know about the process of learning a language from the inside out.  And we don't just mean speaking (although we're pretty good at that, too—Julian speaks two languages, and Louise speaks four!). We mean real getting in there, immersing ourselves, living-and-breathing-the-cultures-of-the-languages-we-speak, kind of stuff.


We're pretty sure, for example, that Julian was one of the only Colombians singing along as Australian singer John Farnham belted out his iconic hit "You're the voice" at Rochford Winery in Victoria's Yarra Valley some years back. We also think Louise might just be one of the only Australian females who can sing along, word-for-word, to every song on Colombian megastar Carlos Vives's iconic Clásicos De La Provincia album. She can also say "Charles Dickens was a nineteenth-century English author" in Czech, but this has yet to come in particularly handy in life (other than the time it scored her an A in a Czech language class). Still, because she's an optimistic type, Louise maintains hope that one day it just might.


When you start learning and you can't understand anything

We've both been at that stage in learning a language where we've felt like kids who can't express themselves, scared to walk into a shop and speak in case we didn't understand the shop assistant or they didn't understand us. We've both sat around for hours at parties with people speaking at what we thought was super speed, trying to catch just one or two words, thinking we'd never get there. We've been there. Many times.


That sweet spot

But, we kept going and studying and making mistakes, and correcting ourselves, and getting back out there, until we got to that magic place where not only could we understand most of what was being said, we were also able to throw in a few sentences of our own. We started to be able to sing along to the songs that came onto the radio in the countries we were living in. And, finally, we reached that really sweet spot in language acquisition where we could understand the stories, the cultural in-jokes, the different accents of the speakers, the references to TV shows or pop singers or historical events, the shortened words, the slang, the jokes—basically, that place where you really understand a language. Where everything you've studied and experienced for years suddenly just "clicks" (though of course it's not suddenly at all) and you are a part of it, and you cannot imagine how it was when you couldn't understand it. It's really an amazing journey.


We walk the walk and talk the talk—literally

So, when it comes to learning languages (Spanish and English in particular, of course!), you can rest assured that not only do we know the formal grammar and all that nitty-gritty stuff, we live and breathe languages. We walk the walk and talk the talk—literally—and we know what we're talking about. We are truly excited to share all of our knowledge and experiences with you, so that you too can experience that beautiful journey of learning or improving your current skills in a language, and live all those beautiful experiences that you only really get from speaking the language of the place you're in.


A bit more about each of us

Louise Correcha

Louise CorrechaHi! I'm Louise. I'm an English teacher, technical writing consultant and multi-lingual lover of languages! I was born in Melbourne, Australia. At 16, I was lucky enough to spend a year as an exchange student in the gorgeous Czech Republic, where I gained not only a good level of spoken Czech, but a whole new family, set of friends, and passion for travel and languages. When I returned and finished high school, I completed a bachelor of arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in English language and Russian (yes, Russian – did I mention that I love a challenge?). I again spent time abroad, this time at Moscow State University undertaking an intensive advanced Russian course. I then decided to study a diploma of education, also at Melbourne University. I specialised in teaching English and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


I have since worked as an English teacher and programme coordinator for a range of English-language courses at language centres and universities – from ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) to EAP (English for Academic Purposes) to LLNP (Language, Literacy and Numeracy Programme) and many more – you name it, I've probably taught it! Somewhere along the way, I also decided to learn Spanish and have since spent lots of time in South America improving my Spanish language skills.


In 2008, Julian and I decided to start our own business, Red English. I have since been the personal language coach for so many wonderful professionals from so many countries, and designed and delivered group training for several companies in Melbourne. I train in all areas of language and communication, including report writing, punctuation, grammar, plain English, business writing, technical writing, tone and readability, public speaking, colloquial English, English pronunciation, and more. I pride myself on my teaching skills and my in-depth knowledge of the structure of language and the process of language acquisition. 


Julian Correcha

julian correchaHola, I'm Julian! I was born in the city of Ibagué in Colombia, South America. At 16, I moved to the Colombian capital, Bogotá, to study law. I graduated as an attorney at law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia and hold a postgraduate degree in Public Law, as a Specialist in Public Management and Administrative Institutions, from the Universidad de los Andes (also in Colombia). I worked as a lawyer in Colombia for several years before deciding to try my luck in a new country with a new language (English)! So, in 2001, I arrived in Melbourne, Australia. I studied English, Business Management, and International Business, then began working. I have worked as a freelance Spanish teacher and across several sectors including market research, customer service, the legal sector, the Victorian public sector, and as a university Foundation Legal Studies teacher.


In 2008, Louise and I began Red English, and I have been proud to have taught Spanish to so many lovely clients since then. I know how it feels to learn another language, and I am absolutely passionate about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world, the  Spanish language and helping people learn to speak my beautiful mother tongue. The Spanish spoken in Bogotá has a reputation for being one of the best spoken forms of Spanish in the world, in terms of grammar and clear pronunciation, and is easily understood by Spanish speakers all over the world. I'm pleased to say that I have positively tested this reputation over my years of teaching Spanish and interacting with friends, clients and family from the Spanish-speaking countries of Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Venezuela, Mexico and Spain. Louise and I have also had the privilege of travelling to Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and of course, my beautiful Colombia. So, we understand how Spanish varies throughout the world and we integrate this knowledge into our Spanish courses. We look forward to sharing our experiences, knowledge, and passion for languages with you!

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Working with Louise, I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the rules and conventions..."
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