Proofreading and editing

Good writing is clear thinking made visible.


Our proofreading and editing services ensure your documents are written as clearly, professionally and effectively as possible. Reputations strengthened, nominations won, reports praised by clients, conference papers that are clear, concise and precise—those are the results we help our clients achieve.


Don't worry—we are not here to berate you for ending a sentence with a preposition (Winston Churchill would not put up with such pedantry, so why should we?). We're here to provide you with a professional service that gives you peace of mind that your writing is at the best possible standard, so that you can get back to doing what you do best.


We work with everything from annual reports, technical manuals and course guides to conference papers, books and emails. We employ strategies built over years of honing our craft to improve your writing's logic, flow, consistency and overall impact, no matter your industry, what you want to achieve or your or your team members' writing skills. We also simply proofread documents to ensure no errors go to print.


We look forward to being of service.


"I was impressed by Louise's grasp of the rules and conventions of grammar and format and the depth of her knowledge of the principles of clear writing… Louise is a knowledgeable and experienced editor, and I recommend her unreservedly."

Tim McAuley, Managing Editor, Documen Pty Ltd


"I gave Louise the task of copy-editing a book I intended to self-publish (titled 'Essays on Technical Writing')... Louise did a splendid job of turning my what-turned-out-to-be a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Her desire for consistency was appreciably stubborn, and her suggestions for structural reorganisation were just as insightful as her recommendations for sentential simplification... I have continued to call on her language expertise since then, and intend to do so in the future."

Geoffrey Marnell, Abelard Consulting



Our clients have included:


Acciona EnergyAcciona infrastructureKubotaMelbourne WaterNCS InternationalSomfyVeriSign  WISE employment




"Technical writing and editing — Australian engineer and technical writing colleague
Working with Louise, I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the rules and conventions..."
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