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At Red English, we edit business and technical documents, including reports, manuals, conference papers and books, to ensure maximum readability.

We pick up errors and improve a piece's logic, flow, consistency and overall readability and impact, through employing best-practice editing and technical-writing standards.


We help our clients gain, boost and maintain visibility and credibility through clear, effective writing. We do this through:



Are you confident that you're using 'affect' and 'effect' or 'it's' and 'its' correctly? Don't let grammar, spelling and punctuation errors damage your credibility. Read more about our proofreading service.



Sometimes, a piece of writing needs more than just a proofread for errors. The overall structure, language and style might need to be improved in order to communicate more effectively with the intended audience. Read more about our editing service.


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Online Spanish essentials course, The Spanish Kangaroo

Audio phrasebook, The Curly Moustache


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"Technical writing and editing — Australian engineer and technical writing colleague
Working with Louise, I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the rules and conventions..."
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