We elevate technical and business writing, to help our clients achieve results.

Specifically, that means we take a written document and polish and tweak its words, sentences, punctutation, and paragraphs to ensure the tone is right and the writing is as clear, concise and compelling as possible, so that it's more likely to be successful.


We do this because we believe that it is in fine-tuning the small details of a document that you allow the big things to happen. You create powerful writing that is more likely to get results – whether those results be proposals or nominations accepted, awards won, reputations boosted, or manuals, user guides, papers, or reports praised by clients for their authority and readability.


Whether you call us your technical writing assistant, copywriter, rewriter, document reviewer, messaging consultant, editor, grammar checker, or proofreader, it comes down to this. You've got something to write, and it's important that it's the best it can be. And we know that you know this too, but you've got other things you need to be doing. And that's why we're here to help.


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"Technical writing and editing — Australian engineer and technical writing colleague
Working with Louise, I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the rules and conventions..."
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